I’ve been thinking about the use of “agitation” as an organising method today. At morning prayer, we reflected on the “agitation” caused by powerful rulers, which produces chaos – and is countered by stillness. We also reflected on the “agitation” caused by the Gospel which challenges people to life giving action. In organising, we want to avoid agitation which brings harm and division, in favour of agitation which generates good leadership and positive developments.

My initial hypothesis is that there are six main ways that an organiser can positively agitate leaders:

  1. World View: What does the world view or belief system of the leaders say about society and the leaders imediate context? Does this need to be challenged? This is an issue of spirituality, beliefs and values.
  2. Skills: What new skills can be taught which create the possibilities of new understanding and action?
  3. Testimony: How can leaders listen to the experience of other people in a way that leads to change?
  4. Information: What facts and analysis would help them understand the world as it is, and plan action that brings change?
  5. Experience: How can leaders experience real problems for themselves?
  6. Ideas: What have other people done? What might be possible here?
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